I cannot live without books

Thomas Jefferson

Call it fantasy, call it creativity, or call it a dream. I call it my job.
I'd love to share my God given talent to create whatever you have in mind.
Let's chat, get to know each other, and make magic together.
I will turn your ideas into stories—fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or a song.
If it's written, I will proofread, edit, and knock it into shape, ready to publish.

Creativity is like a candle. A tube of wax with a wick, until you ignite the latent flame.

My flame was lit by Mrs Nel, my grade eight school teacher, awarding me full marks when I broke the mould in response to an essay entitled 'What did you do over the school break?'. It contained two-hundred-and-fifty words crafted together from a five-minute timeframe describing the fantasy of my daydreamed wish of what the break could have looked like.

She opened the gate. I ran and have not stopped since then.

Thank you, Mrs Nel—my best friend.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step Don’t let the gravity of doubt keep you from taking the step

The gate is open, run!

The contact form below is all you need to complete; I will take it from there. I look forward to meeting you. 

Dr Jane Thomason
World Metaverse Council| Web3.0 Leader of the Year|Blockchain| Venture Crowd Health Tech Community|Member of Exponential Healthtech DAO | Author | Futurist

Ghost Write a Self Improvement Book Rating is 5 out of 5. "He was a pleasure to work with. Really worked hard to understand my wishes and came up with creative ideas and met deadlines. I highly recommend him. Very happy with the outcome."


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FICTIONAL WRITER REQUIRED TO FINISH THE END OF AN EBOOK "Andrew was a delight to work with, he was organised and kept me in the loop and did the work required. He's creative, enthusiastic and am looking forward to working with him in the near future 💯😊"


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Editing an e-book - quick turnaround time "Very quick and responsive."


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Poet needed to write children's poems. "He accomplished all deadlines successfully. Project was done in short terms and we are very satisfied with it"


Welcome to my blog page. I hope you find interesting ways that are helpful to manage your life and possibly add a smile to your face from time to time.