22 Jun

I am sure that you have noticed how many vegetarians and vegans you encounter lately, compared to a few years ago.

Perhaps you are one of the two.

Let’s look at what makes one a vegetarian?

Oxford dictionary:

“A person who does not eat meat or fish, and sometimes other animal products, especially for moral, religious, or health reasons.” 

A vegetarian is a person who has decided to abstain from eating meat or fish.

Scenario 1: -       Jane has been a vegetarian or three months. One day she has lunch with a friend at her favourite old restaurant and decides to have a chicken salad. She regrets her decision and decides to continue abstaining from eating meat and fish.

Is Jane still a vegetarian?

Would you agree that for Jane to continue being a vegetarian she needs to stop eating meat and fish?

Scenario 2: -       Sarah is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for three months. On her way home from work on a Friday afternoon she passes the liquor store she used to frequent. She buys a bottle of wine, goes home and, drinks it all. She regrets her decision to drink and decides to continue abstaining.

Is Sarah still in recovery?

Scenario 2: -       Rory is a cyclist and has been riding his bicycle for years since he was a  kid. One day while out riding he hits some gravel as he approaches a sharp bend and down he goes. He dusts himself off, gets back on his bicycle and, rides home.

Is Rory still a cyclist?

Why are we so hard on someone doing so well in recovery when they ‘fall off the wagon’ and get back up again.

Why is the person so hard on themselves when they slip up in recovery and decide to continue abstaining.

It stands to reason that to be in recovery you have to be sober. I hear from so many people in recovery that they never believed that life could be so good, but that they have to constantly be aware that they are addicts.

Don’t you think it would be better to concentrate your energy on living your life, as opposed to clenching your fists in an attempt to not give in to addictive behaviour?

It is possible!

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